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Window Mulling 101: What It Is and Its Benefits

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with window mulling as it is not a term that is often thrown around. Window mulling…
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Many homeowners are unfamiliar with window mulling as it is not a term that is often thrown around. Window mulling is the process of joining two or more windows together. This is often done in the factory but can also be assembled on-site as a home is constructed or if you are considering affordable replacement windows. While it may seem straight-forward, there are actually a few things to consider if you want to go down this route and in today’s post, your friends over at ARCH Exteriors, LLC gives you everything you need to know. 

Window Mulling 101

The Benefits of Window Mulling

There are many benefits of mulling or combining windows together. For one, it creates a larger focal point and lets in more natural light. Natural light is great for making your space feel more inviting and can also help you lower your lighting bills.

Mulled windows create architectural interest and are an excellent way to give your house more character and even increase its curb appeal and market value. Proper mulling done by contractors that are experts in replacement windows allows you to maximize your view without damaging your home’s structural integrity or reducing your window’s overall performance.

Because of limitations in shipping, there is also often a limit on how large combined windows can be while still being structurally sound. For this reason, it is important that you speak to a qualified professional to make sure that the rating of your mulled windows meets building code requirements in your area. 

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