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Common Causes of Noisy Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts shouldn’t make noises when it’s raining, other than splashing sounds as rainwater makes its way through.…
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Your gutters and downspouts shouldn’t make noises when it’s raining, other than splashing sounds as rainwater makes its way through. Sometimes gutters make thudding and clanging sounds and in today’s post, the gutter installation experts from ARCH Exteriors, LLC shares the common causes of noisy gutters.

Clogged Gutters

Gutter troughs and downspouts need to be clear of dirt, leaves and debris for it to work efficiently. Nothing should obstruct rainwater as it flows from the roof edge, through the gutter troughs and into the downspouts. Sometimes you might hear slight creaking noises during a heavy downpour; this is normal.

Clogged gutters tend to be noisier. Twigs and stones may rattle in the gutters as they’re agitated by flowing rainwater. They may also scrape the caulk and coatings on the gutters, which can result in leaks and corrosion. If you hear such noises when it rains, make it a point to have your gutters cleaned and inspected as soon as the weather clears. Clogged gutters are one of the most common causes of water damage to the roof, which may lead to unplanned roof replacement.

Loose Gutter Hangers or Brackets

Gutter hangers and brackets should have enough torque in the fasteners to leave little or no room for vibration. Loose fasteners can create gaps between gutter troughs and their hangers or brackets, which can result in banging noises when the gutters are hit by rain or wind. The constant motion can scrape the paint from the gutters, which leaves the bare metal underneath to corrosion. Loose hangers and brackets may eventually come off the roof fascia and lead to gutter sections falling to the ground. Regular gutter inspections will let you spot loose gutter components and have them fixed before they cause problems.

Improperly Aligned Downspouts

Improperly aligned downspout sections will likewise cause rattling and banging noises, as well as gaps in the joints that result in leaks. You will want to avoid rainwater leaking near your home’s foundations because it defeats the purpose of having a gutter system. Pooling rainwater can result in significant damage to the house foundations, and a properly working gutter system helps prevent it.

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