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A home improvement project should be enjoyable, not overwhelming or stress full. When it comes to paying for the project financing is a great option to make it easy and affordable. At Arch Exteriors we have helped thousands of homeowners turn their project dreams into reality. Not only by providing quality products and expert installation but also helping clients getting the right financing options they need.

If you are planning for a home improvement project and thinking about using financing to pay for it, look no further because we are going to cover everything you need to know about financing a home improvement project. This is going to include:

Should I Finance My Project?
What Is the Application Process?
What Personal Information is Required?
What Type of Plans Are Available?
Can I Finance a Portion of the Project?

Should I Finance My Project?

If you are like most homeowners your home is one of your most valuable investments. One way to add value to that investment is by replacing the roof, windows, doors, or siding. Now, we understand that for some people it’s not always a want to have this type of project done but a need, while others may be looking to update the exterior of their home. As an exterior replacement contractor, we see project costs ranging from $2,800.00 all the way up $100,000.00. This will depend on the scope of work being done for the project. If you are wondering why I should finance my project there are two things to consider, are the funds readily available to pay for it, or would it make more sense to pay for the project over time.

What Is the Process?

Financing a project with ARCH Exteriors is simple and easy. First, you will schedule an appointment to have a design consultant come out to your home. The design consultant will work with you in choosing the products and service needed to complete the project and provide you with the cost to do so. Once you have reviewed the estimate, we will provide you with our financing options allowing you to pick the best one for your budget. The last step will be to submit the application for the plan of your choice, with application approval only taking a few minutes, this makes the process quick.

What Personal Information is Required?

When it comes to financing, lenders typically will require the following personal information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Drivers License
  • Current Employment
  • Total Household Income

What Type of Plans Are Available?

When it comes to financing a project there are few different plans to choose from. This is to include a 12 month No Payments No Interest plan and low monthly payment plans to help keep your project affordable. Plans include payment term lengths ranging from 12 month up to 144 months with no pre-payment penalties allowing you to save by paying it off sooner.

Can I Finance a Portion of the Project?

Absolutely you can. In fact, it is very common for customers to use financing to pay just a portion of their project. Not only does this allow you to fit a project within your desired budget, but is a great option when homeowners are wanting to complete a larger project or even multiple projects at the same time. With the ability to finance as little as $2,500.00 up to $75,000.00 and payments starting as low as a cup of coffee a day you can be sure we have a financing option that fits what you are looking for when it’s time for you to replace your roofing, windows, doors, or siding.

Still Not Sure if Financing is Right for You?

Still not sure if financing your project is the right choice right for you? As always, our goal here at ARCH Exteriors is to give you as much information you need to make the right decision for you and your project. For more specific information on financing, please fill out our contact form or give us a call.


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