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A Guide to Buying Gutters for Your Home

Gutters are responsible for directing water away from the foundation of your home, preventing several problems such as soil erosion…
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Gutters are responsible for directing water away from the foundation of your home, preventing several problems such as soil erosion and basement flooding. Since gutters come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, choosing the right gutter system for your home can be pretty challenging for a lot of people. ARCH Exteriors, LLC — a leading provider of gutter installations and replacement windows — shares a brief buying guide below.

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Before shopping for gutters, it is important to figure out which type of material works best for your needs. 

  • Vinyl gutters are a popular choice because they are resistant to rust and rot. They are also inexpensive and fairly easy to install. 
  • Aluminum gutters are lightweight, inexpensive and can be available in custom-fit sizes. 
  • Steel gutters offer impressive durability and hold about 60% more water than traditional 5-inch K-style gutters.
  • Copper gutters are often used on historic and high-end residential properties. 


After selecting the best material to use, you will need to choose which gutter style is best for your home.

  • Half-round gutters look like a regular round pipe that has been cut lengthwise. Most times, these gutters are found on older homes because they complement the design of these properties. They are also easier to clean and maintain than K-style gutters, according to a trusted roofing company.
  • K-style gutters are more popular nowadays. They have flat bottoms and backs and provide a neat and seamless finish to your roofing system. The front side features an ornamental shape that imitates crown molding. These gutters are typically more durable than half-round gutters, possessing twice the capacity of half-round gutters with the same width.

For top-rated roof and gutter replacement services, turn to ARCH Exteriors, LLC. We also install affordable replacement windows and doors to provide the comfort and efficiency you need in your living space. Call us today at (301) 215-2343 or fill out our contact form to request a free, no-obligation estimate. 

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