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4 Leading Causes of Drafty Windows

Sure, your windows enhance the architectural appeal of your home, but these components are also responsible for helping keep the…
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Sure, your windows enhance the architectural appeal of your home, but these components are also responsible for helping keep the interior space well-ventilated and shielded from severe weather. The last thing you want is to have drafty windows, which allow treated air to escape and let in outside temperatures. In this article, a reputable roofer and window installer breaks down the leading causes of drafty windows.

4 Leading Causes of Drafty Windows
  1. Aging. Over time, wooden frames can warp or crack, leaving small gaps that can let in untreated air from the outside. If your windows are outdated and at least 15 to 20 years old, call in a window maintenance specialist to assess the current condition and structural integrity of your windows.
  2. Advanced wear and tear. Most high-quality replacement windows last for decades. However, day-to-day wear and tear can still take its toll. For example, the weatherstripping can become worn-out, resulting in random cold spots throughout the living space.
  3. High moisture content. If you live in an area with extremely humid climate or frequent rainfalls, your windows will surely take a beating. If you see condensation building up inside the window pane, it is time to replace your windows with energy-efficient units.
  4. Lack of maintenance. The frames and weatherstripping of your windows require minimal maintenance to keep it in their pristine condition. However, neglecting proper cleaning or exposing your windows to corrosive chemicals can certainly cause problems down the road. Make sure to follow all the instructions of the manufacturer when maintaining your windows.

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