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How to Mix and Match Exterior Textures

A good way to make your home exterior stand out is to use a combination of siding materials. To ensure…
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A good way to make your home exterior stand out is to use a combination of siding materials. To ensure the best look for your home, top-rated siding and roofing contractor Arch Exteriors, LLC shares some tips on how to effectively mix and match different exterior textures.

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Select the Profiles

You can start by selecting two types of siding profiles. Typically, this is the easiest way to make it obvious that your exterior is composed of different textures or materials. For instance, you can opt for a more traditional profile on the first floor of your home — such as horizontal planks — and then use less conventional styles like shakes or scallops on the second floor.

If you are considering a stone profile for half of your home or a large portion of your exterior, make sure to use a large stone profile such as cut cobblestone or fieldstone. However, if you will be using the stone profile on a smaller area, it would be best to go with ledgestone or shadow ledgestone.

Choose the Colors

Much like in roof replacement, your choice of color for your siding is also a big decision to make. Choosing two colors for your siding can be extra challenging. But if you create a color palette, the process of selecting your exterior colors should be easy. Ideally, the color scheme for your home exterior should have at least three hues that will accentuate the walls, roof and accents. Furthermore, when choosing colors for a two-siding exterior, make sure to use distinct colors so that the shift in material can be properly highlighted. These colors don’t necessarily have to be very different from each other. You can choose two shades of the same color, one dark and one light.

Test How the Combination Looks


Don’t forget to test the siding materials outside your home so that you’ll be able to see how they look under different kinds of light throughout the day. Make sure to get large samples of the materials. This will make it easier for you to perceive the full impact of your chosen combination.

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