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The Different Types of Siding Patterns and Profiles

Once you’ve found a reliable home siding replacement company to finally add the finishing touches on your exterior remodeling, it’s time…
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Once you’ve found a reliable home siding replacement company to finally add the finishing touches on your exterior remodeling, it’s time to double down on the designing phase of the project. Residential siding comes in many different styles and patterns that you’ll find it’s extremely easy to exercise your creativity and find a design that can go well with your home.

Choosing the right style, however, starts by learning the options available to you. Let our exterior renovation experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC walk you through the dozens of siding profiles you can choose from and help you find a style that is 100% right for your home.

Types of Patterns

Your siding contractor will tell you most siding styles can be categorized into three main groups: horizontal, vertical and shake.

1. Horizontal siding patterns are perhaps the most popular of the three as it is the most effective against the elements. They can come in either traditional lap, which is partially layered on top of one another for full coverage, or Dutch lap, where the boards are layered over one another along a groove. They can also be beaded horizontal lap siding which uses “beads” to fasten one board onto another but this is uncommon.
2. Vertical siding is more for aesthetic purposes as some home designs work better with vertical patterns. These siding boards can be panel type, which is a vertical version of the traditional lap siding, or board and batten, where battens are used to cover cracks and create an interesting texture on your exterior.
3. Shake patterns are similar to shingles used commonly in roof repairs and replacement jobs. The shakes can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including square, round, fish scale, half-cove, and octagonal or hexagonal. The main purpose of shake patterns is for visual appeal but they are quite effective at protecting your home as well.
Learn more about the different siding profiles and patterns with the help of our experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC. Give us a call at (877) 214-2831 or fill out our contact form to schedule a design consultation and request a free estimate on siding replacement today.

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