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Gutter Sizing: Complete Guide For Homeowners

If you’re planning to install new gutters on your home proper gutter sizing is one of the biggest factors to…
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If you’re planning to install new gutters on your home proper gutter sizing is one of the biggest factors to consider.

Installing gutters requires more than just getting a long trough bolted to the side of your roof. Measurements have to be done or you will end up with a system that may be too expensive or too small to handle all the water runoff pouring from the roof. As the leading gutter installation team in the area, we’re giving you a rundown on proper gutter sizing and how to choose the right size for your home.

newly installed black gutters on residential roof; gutter sizing

Gutter Sizing: 4 Factors To Consider

1. Factoring the Roof Size

The right gutter size depends on how much water will be flowing down from the roof surface. A large roof tends to collect more water, so it would need a gutter big enough to channel all that runoff. Roof size measurements are often expressed in square footage, but there’s more to it than just big roofs having bigger gutters.

2. Slopes and Valleys

roof valley and gutters full of leaves on a residential roof; gutter sizing

The roof’s profile also has a big effect on the water run down. After all, runoff flowing from a gentle slope won’t move as fast as water from a steep slope.  Roof repair experts recommend having wider gutters, which are more effective at catching fast-flowing water. Valleys (areas where roof planes meet) also tend to channel water runoff faster, so those also have to be accounted for.

3. Gutter Style

There are many types of gutter systems based on their profile, and each style has specific measurements ideal for different roof sizes. For example, a 5-inch K-style gutter system is great for roofs up to 5,520 square feet large, but you’ll have to use a 6-inch version for something bigger up to 7,960 square feet. Half-round gutters have about half the capacity of a K-style gutter, so they’re more suitable for smaller roofs.

4. Downspout Placement

close up view of downspout of residential home; gutter sizing

A gutter’s size can further be modified by adding more downspouts. More downspouts mean water is drained faster from the troughs, preventing even a small gutter from overflowing. A roofing and siding contractor will likely recommend extra downspouts for a gutter trough perpendicular to multiple roof valleys, even if the gutter is sized correctly according to the roof’s square footage.

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