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Things to Consider Before Changing Locks on Your Entry Door

Ever plan on updating  the locks on your entry doors? You may be surprised that it takes more than just…
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Ever plan on updating  the locks on your entry doors? You may be surprised that it takes more than just buying the first strong-looking option available. The door installation experts from Arch Exteriors give you a rundown on the most important things to consider when updating your entry door’s locks.

Decide Between Rekeying and Replacement 

Updating your entry door’s locks doesn’t always have to involve tearing the old hardware in place. Re-keying (changing the keys to the current locking system) is a viable option, especially for well-built hardware that provides good security. Consider getting a complete replacement when you can spare the budget or if the old locking system is already showing signs of wear and tear.

Add More Locks

Older entry locks tend to have outdated mechanisms that compromise its ability to keep your entry door secure. For example, if your entry door has a single door knob, door replacement experts recommend upgrading to a combination of multiple locking systems to make your home safer.

Consider Going Keyless

Keyless entry door locks are becoming more popular these days because of two things: they’re convenient because they don’t need users to manually use a key and they provide more protection because there are no keys to duplicate. Adding a keyless lock to a door with other keyed systems is also good because it doesn’t add to the sheer number of keys you need to keep your entry door protected.

Don’t Forget the Looks

If you ask any exterior and roofing company about getting new locks, you will probably be told to consider how your entry door will look as well. Fortunately, most locks are available in so many styles that you’re bound to find hardware that will fit both classic and modern-style entry doors.
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