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Tips on Choosing the Right Window Size

Choosing a style and design for your new replacement windows is relatively easy, as it’s mostly a matter of preference. Choosing…
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Choosing a style and design for your new replacement windows is relatively easy, as it’s mostly a matter of preference. Choosing the right size for your windows, on the other hand, is trickier since it’s more technical. Not to worry though; here are several professional tips on choosing the right window size.

Larger vs Smaller Windows 

Bigger isn’t necessarily better—the size of your windows may be influenced by which side it’s going to be installed in. For instance, contractors usually recommend installing large windows on the south side of your home, which is the part that receives the largest amount of sunlight. Installing a large window on this side helps maximize the natural lighting in your home. In contrast, the west side of your home bears the brunt of the afternoon heat, which is why we recommend installing small energy-efficient windows on this side.
Here’s a window-shopping tip: Choose replacement windows with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) to prevent your home from becoming uncomfortably warm. The SHGC indicates how much heat from the sun can pass through the window glass: The lower the window’s SHGC, the less heat that can pass through the window. And don’t forget to look for the ENERGY STAR® label when choosing window replacements. Only windows that passed the Department of Energy’s stringent performance standards are certified by ENERGY STAR.

Check Your Area’s Local Building Codes

Some local building codes require homeowners to install a window of a certain size in certain parts of their home. For instance, egress windows in the basement should be big enough to double as an exit in case of an emergency.
Here’s a tip: When pursuing a home improvement project, it’s best to work with a local contractor. Local contractors are more familiar with your area’s building codes and climate and can, therefore, give better recommendations.
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