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What You Need to Know About K-Style Gutters

You may have probably seen or heard of the term “K-style” when looking up gutter profiles and configurations. Today, gutter…
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You may have probably seen or heard of the term “K-style” when looking up gutter profiles and configurations. Today, gutter installation experts at ARCH Exteriors LLC take a closer look at this particular gutter style, including the meaning behind the name and its popularity among homeowners.

K-Style Gutters

The Defining Characteristics of K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters feature an angular profile, with the front-facing lip looking like crown molding when seen from the side. In particular, it has a double curve with the contour of an elongated letter S. That’s why these gutters are also called by another name — ogee gutters.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Not many people are aware of the origins of the name “K-style”. Some speculate that the shape resembles the letter K, albeit vaguely. Others think someone whose surname starts with the letter K was responsible for the gutters’ distinctive appearance. As it turns out, there is a simple explanation for this.

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) has an alphabetical list of 12 rectangular gutter profiles that serve as a guide for every gutter and residential siding company when they shape gutter systems on-site. The dual curve, S-shaped configuration is 11th on the list, thus it is labeled K.

The Popularity of K-Style Gutters

Homeowners and contractors mostly prefer K-style gutters over other profiles because they blend well with modern architectural elements. The stylish appearance of this gutter configuration can help boost your home’s curb appeal.

The unique shape of K-style gutters also gives them superb performance and durability. Apart from promoting excellent water flow, they are less likely to bend or protrude when impacted, even when constructed from aluminum or any similar lightweight material. They are also easy to install. Since the back-facing part is flat, installers only have to use a few brackets to attach them to the roof’s fascia.

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