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How Winter Affects Your Doors and Windows

Winter is a time for snow but can also make a big impact on your doors and windows. There are…
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Winter is a time for snow but can also make a big impact on your doors and windows. There are several issues your doors and windows will face during winter, such as swelling and warping to condensation and ice buildup. Our door installation experts have explained below how they’ll affect your home:

Cold Weather Affect Doors and Windows

Ice Buildup

One of the biggest issues your doors and windows will face during the winter season is ice building up in the open spaces between doors and windows and the frames they’re installed in. Ice forms on your doors and windows when warm, moisture-rich air escapes through the small openings and freezes on contact with the cold outside air.

Even weather stripping that’s been properly installed will often need replacement depending on the weather. This is due to how difficult it is to open a door or window without cracking the weather stripping, which will also increase the buildup of ice.


This occurs when the warm and humid air in your home is unable to escape through your windows. Of course, this is what you need to see in your windows as it’s usually indicative of good energy efficiency. However, if you see condensation forming between the panes of your multi-paned windows, it means your window seals have a leak. Make sure to call in a trusted window and roofing contractor to address the issue as soon as possible.

Shrinking and Warping 

Some materials such as wood can be greatly affected by the temperature and humidity brought about by the winter weather. Wooden window frames and doors tend to shrink in extreme cold while they can warp or bow in extreme humidity. This can be avoided by frequently treating the material with paint or sealer. However, for better convenience, choose other options such as PVC and aluminum windows as they don’t experience the same degree of distortion.

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