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What to Consider When Getting Sidelights For Your Entry Door

If you’re planning a remodel and have been thinking about how you can make your main entrance door more elegant…
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If you’re planning a remodel and have been thinking about how you can make your main entrance door more elegant and defined, consider adding sidelights to your design. These are narrow windows that frame an entry door, and they’re one of the best ways to boost your front entrance’s visual appeal.

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With the right design, your sidelight can surely be beneficial for your home. Here are a few important things to consider before replacing your entry door to one with sidelights.

Choosing the Right Style For Your Home

One of the most common types of doors that offer sidelight options is made from fiberglass and wood materials. Many of these feature glass inserts with scrollwork, stained glass, or other design motifs. The sidelights can also be matched or coordinated with these inserts and can be made to run at full-length to your door. 

Different sidelight designs can be made with glass running just along the top or in a central oval shape. They may also feature glass that covers three-fourths of the sidelight. In fact, many sidelights can be custom-made with blinds or blind inserts so you can have privacy as well as the ability to control light. If you prefer one sidelight rather than a pair that frames your door, this can also be done with the right home siding contractor

Other Benefits You’ll Gain

One great benefit of having a sidelight is how you’ll get more natural light streaming into your home while also being able to peek at the outdoors. This means you’ll also be able to see who’s visiting when your doorbell rings without the need for a traditional peephole. Even your pet will grow fond of passing the day at a sidelight if it’s designed full-length since the view extends all the way into the floor which is right at their height and size. 

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