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How Long Does It Take (On Average) To Replace A Roof?

When you find out that you need a roof replacement, one of the first thoughts you have may be, “how…
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When you find out that you need a roof replacement, one of the first thoughts you have may be, “how am I going to fit this into my schedule?” If you work from home, have children or pets, or generally find yourself out and about like a busy bee most days, it can be quite stressful to think about major work getting done on your home.

Thankfully, the answer to “how long does it take to replace a roof?” is usually only one to three days! However, this timeline can vary based on your roof material or other factors that we’ll explain below.

Average Roof Replacement Timeline by Material

Roofing material is definitely the biggest factor in how long a roof replacement takes. Some materials are more common and accessible than others, while some require a more specialized installation.

Asphalt Shingles: 1-2 Days

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the country. Their popularity stems from their affordable price and decent longevity (15-25 years). As one of the least expensive (but still sturdy) materials you can find for your roof, asphalt shingles are the #1 choice for most homeowners.

Since this material is so widely available, and pretty much every professional roofing contractor knows how to install them, the replacement process is usually a breeze. You can expect an asphalt shingle roof replacement to only take one or two days.

Metal Roofing: 2-4 Days

Metal roofing is quickly gaining on the popularity of asphalt shingles. As an incredibly durable and ultra-fire-resistant material, you can get a good 40 to 70 years out of a professionally-installed metal roof.

Considering the longevity, the price tag isn’t too bad, either. Since metal is one of the more popular materials, many roofing contractors are qualified to install it. However, it does take a more specialized approach, which means a metal roof replacement usually takes two to four days. (Metal shingles can take longer than standing seam panels.)

Cedar Shakes: 2-4 Days

One of the more unique roofing materials is cedar shakes. These wooden shingles are hand-split— making for a rustic and distinctive appearance. They usually last up to 30 years, but they aren’t recommended for hands-off homeowners or homes in wildfire-prone areas.

You’ll need to keep up with plenty of regular maintenance to keep this material from rotting. But, when it comes to the installation time, you can expect to allot around two to four days.

Clay or Concrete Tiles: 8-9 Days

If you want to make an ultra-long-term investment in your roof, clay and concrete tiles are a great choice. 

  • Concrete tiles usually last 50+ years. 
  • Clay tiles can last 100+ years!

Since these materials are so heavy and fewer roofing contractors are equipped to install them, the replacement timeline takes longer than other materials. Most clay or concrete tile replacements last eight to nine days.

Slate Tiles: 6-7 Days

Finally, we have the “forever roof”— natural slate tiles. This roofing material is pretty rare since it comes at such a high price point. However, you get what you pay for with a slate roof since it can last between 100-200 years!

Natural slate is harder to come by, and it requires specialized installation techniques. Most slate replacements take at least six to seven days.

What Can Impact How Long It Takes to Replace a Roof?

Even though the material you choose has the biggest impact on how long your roof replacement will take, there are a few other factors that can impact the timeline. Let’s take a look at five of the main considerations:

1) Roof Size

It may seem redundant, but the size of your roof plays a big part in how long your roof replacement will take. The numbers we’ve used so far indicate timeframes for average roof sizes between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet.

If your roof is much larger than that, plan for your replacement to take an extra day. And if it’s much smaller, you can expect an asphalt shingle replacement to be completed in less than a day!

2) Forecasted Weather

It’s simply too dangerous for roofing contractors to perform roof work during rain, heavy winds, or extreme temperatures. If it starts raining on your scheduled service date or any other inclement weather is in the forecast, your roofing company will have to pause work.

If they’ve already started, the crew will secure a tarp on your roof to keep your home safe from leaks and reschedule service when the weather looks clear. This may add a few days to the process. (Or weeks, if you’re stuck in a particularly bad weather pattern.)

3) The Season

In a similar vein, the season of the year can have an impact on your roof replacement. Replacements in winter are rare, and they will need to accommodate snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, which can extend your replacement by many days or weeks.

Summer is usually the best time to get your roof replaced, but even then, you’ll need to be cognizant of rain and extreme heat.

4) Roof Complexity

If you have a fairly low-slop roof without hips and valleys, it will be easier for your contracting team to finish the replacement faster. But if you have a particularly steep roof pitch with many facets at multiple angles, hips, and valleys, then you can expect your replacement to take longer.

5) Structural Damage

Finally, replacing a shingle roof when there’s no underlying damage is a breeze. But, if there is structural damage on your roof deck, it will take longer to replace all the different components that make up a healthy roofing system. You may experience structural damage from inclement weather, such as:

  • Hail
  • Heavy winds
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tropical storms/hurricanes 
  • Tornadoes
  • Heavy snow fall

Detailed Roof Replacements That Accommodate Your Schedule

Even though there are a handful of factors that can prolong your roof replacement, many roofs can be replaced in just a few days in ideal conditions. At ARCH Exteriors, our expert team can install most asphalt shingle roofs in just one day!

Plus, we have the experience and quality control to back up our work. If you’re in need of a new roof after a recent storm or because your current roof has simply reached the end of its lifespan, reach out to our friendly Maryland-based team today for a free estimate!

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