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How Excess Humidity Can Affect Your Roof’s Performance

Humidity is necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable. But depending on the weather, your home’s humidity levels can…
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Humidity is necessary to keep your home cool and comfortable. But depending on the weather, your home’s humidity levels can increase to a point where it can greatly affect your indoor air quality. If this isn’t properly managed, it can rise and accumulate in the attic which can affect your roof’s performance. To understand how humidity affects your roof, local roof replacement expert ARCH Exteriors, LLC has the details.

Excess Humidity

Where Humidity Comes From

Humidity is essentially the concentration of water vapor that helps maintain good indoor air quality. It must be properly managed, as having too much of it can not only make indoor living conditions uncomfortable but also affect other parts of your home. Excess humidity can cause mold growth and rot damage, which can lead to costly repairs. It can also damage fixtures, furniture and fittings as well as structural components in your attic and roofing structure. When the wooden components start to stretch, expand and break, the moisture and humidity can easily seep through them, expediting deterioration and rot. 

How It Affects Your Roof

As a locally trusted roofing contractor, we understand how too much indoor humidity can lead to costly repairs. Excess humidity can get trapped in your attic due and slowly deteriorate your roof’s wooden frames, including wood rafters, joists, support beams, and decking. When this happens, your roof’s structural integrity becomes compromised which puts you and your family’s safety at risk.

Outdoor humidity levels outside are beyond your control, but you can still manage them indoors. Normally, there should be around 30 to 50 percent humidity circulating within your home. The amount will depend on your home’s size and ventilation system, so determining just how much you need for your home will greatly boost indoor comfort. Any excess humidity can be reduced by installing a whole-home dehumidifier to ensure better indoor air quality.

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