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What Gutter Installation Practices Do Professionals Follow?

If you’re considering a DIY gutter installation, you need to know that one wrong step in the process can affect…
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If you’re considering a DIY gutter installation, you need to know that one wrong step in the process can affect the whole system’s effectiveness. You’ll also risk compromising your home exterior’s visual appeal as well as your roof’s structural integrity! This is why gutter installations are always done by professionals, so if you need yours replaced this spring, get in touch with ARCH Exteriors, LLC

Gutter Installation

As a reliable gutter contractor, we follow strict procedures and guidelines in every project we handle. This is to guarantee longevity and weather performance. Here’s what we usually do in a typical gutter installation job:

Compiling a Checklist

Before we start installing your new gutters, we’ll first compile what’s needed to complete the job. This will consist of several things and details as well as making sure that everything is loaded properly before we come by on the day of the installation. We also take additional steps to avoid wasting any material as we measure and plan the cuts precisely. 

Using Screws Over Rivets Whenever Necessary

As a trusted gutter and residential siding contractor, we use screws rather than rivets when installing downspouts. While it may seem like a minor thing to follow, screws are much better to use and they can be removed from the downspouts easily whenever you need to have them cleaned of debris or clogs. We’ll also use pre-painted screws when necessary so that they’ll match the rest of the gutter system! 

Applying the Right Amount of Sealant

Too much sealant at the seams can affect the effectiveness of the gutters in redirecting water runoff toward the downspouts. To prevent this, we make sure to apply just a broad amount on the inside of the gutters, but only after we double-check if the surface is dry to maximize its adhesion.

Cleaning Up

After installing your gutters, we’ll make sure to clean our work area before we leave. That means leaving your home property as clean as it was before we installed your new gutter system. Doing this is only part of our job as reputable gutter installers, after all!

Whether it’s a gutter installation or roof repair job, ARCH Exteriors, LLC gets the job done right the first time. Count on our team to provide nothing less than high-quality products and top-notch workmanship. Call us at (877) 214-2831 or fill out our contact form today for an estimate.

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