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Dry Rot: The Subtle Roof Destroyer

Roofs are built to last and are generally resilient and durable. Standard asphalt shingle roofs average around twenty to twenty-five…
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Roofs are built to last and are generally resilient and durable. Standard asphalt shingle roofs average around twenty to twenty-five years of life with proper maintenance and frequent inspection. But some factors can hasten the degradation of your roofs, such as extreme weather phenomena (like hurricanes and hailstorms), unforeseen accidents, and invasive growths like dry rot. What is dry rot? Why is it bad for your roof? expert roofing contractor ARCH Exteriors, LLC is here to tell you what it is!

Dry Rot


Invasive Fungi


Dry rot is a type of invasive fungi that thrives in confined and concealed parts of your roof, especially in dark, moist corners. It’s extremely resilient, known to be able to stay dormant for years until exposed to moisture again, and can reproduce and grow at an alarming rate, releasing more than five million spores per minute. It’s mostly known for affecting organic roofing materials (especially wood), making it a subtle and destructive growth for all homeowners, especially those with older, traditionally made homes.




Dry rot symptoms on wood can be identified as follows:


Soft and Brittle


The easiest way to know if dry rot is present on your wooden materials is to apply a bit of pressure on the surface. Wood that is infected with dry rot collapses and breaks apart very easily, and can easily be crushed with a little pressure.


Peeling Paint


As the wood rots from the inside, you can see cracks on the paint, and parts of it are peeling off. It looks like it’s being sucked inward, imploding in the middle, and this is because major portions of the internals of the wood are now gone. If a majority of the support beams and structure of the roof look like the paint’s peeling off and the wood has become extremely brittle, a roof replacement might be in order.


Breaks Apart in Slivers


Try poking a portion of the infected wood with a screwdriver or a piece of metal, and if the wood breaks apart in slivers or shard-like pattern, then wood rot has already claimed that part of your roof.


Wood Rot vs. Termite Damage


Wood rot damage looks very similar to termite damage and it is common to be confused between the two of them. The easiest way to know if your wood has been damaged by either termites or wood rot from afar is to look for outright signs. Termite damage is usually confirmed when there are a bunch of mud tubes or tunnels around the wood. They look like long clumps of dry dirt that appear like veins around your wood. But if there are no mud tubes or tunnels to be seen, try poking the damaged wood itself. If the wood has holes and burrows (that may even contain the termites themselves) inside it, it’s termite damage. But if the wood breaks apart in slivers, then it’s wood rot.


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