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Downspouts 101: Basic Facts

Downspouts are crucial to your gutter system because they make sure rainwater is discharged away from your home. So without…
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Downspouts are crucial to your gutter system because they make sure rainwater is discharged away from your home. So without properly functioning and well-designed downspouts, your home’s foundation, basement and other exterior areas could get unnecessarily exposed to water for prolonged periods.

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In this post, the gutter installation pros from ARCH Exteriors, LLC share more information about downspouts.

How Many Downspouts Should I Install?

As a rule of thumb, you should have a downspout installed every 20 to 25 feet of the roofline. Your roofer or gutter installer should be able to determine the exact number of downspouts needed for your home by considering the roof size and the typical amount of local rainfall. Apart from having enough downspouts installed, your downspouts should also have the correct size in order to effectively carry water and prevent backups, spilling and flooding.

What Are the Different Types of Downspouts?

Round, rectangular and K-style are the three different types of downspouts. As their names imply, round and rectangular downspouts are respectively round and rectangular in shape. Meanwhile, K-style downspouts are shaped like the letter K. They have an asymmetrical design that allows them to carry a larger volume of water. Take note of this feature because this can also be instrumental in preventing issues that would require a roof repair.

What Should I Keep in Mind When It Comes to Drainage?

Make sure your downspouts are discharging water away from your home so that it won’t seep into the ground near your basement or foundation. If you have a level property, water should be discharged at least six feet away from your home’s foundation. If you notice your downspouts draining water close to your home, call your trusted contractor and have them add downspout extensions.

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