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Why Open Your Windows Every Now and Then?

Although your windows are designed to form an airtight seal for your home, that doesn’t mean you should have them…
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Although your windows are designed to form an airtight seal for your home, that doesn’t mean you should have them closed at all times. As the leading window installation company in the area, we’re here to tell you the biggest reasons why you should crack your windows open every now and then. 

Open Windows Cool the Home

With appliances, lighting and regular activities acting as heat sources in your home, it’s easy to imagine how warm it can get inside. Sure, you can have your HVAC keeping the temperatures comfortable, but you can always cut down on energy consumption by simply opening a few windows and letting cool fresh air in, especially during the warmer months of the year.

You Can Control Humidity

Things can get too humid indoors if there’s too much water vapor in the air. Humid air can feel stuffy and in extreme cases can cause condensation in areas where moisture can be an issue. According to experts on replacement windows, opening your new windows lets you air out the place, allowing you to reduce the humidity levels in your home.

Your Home Needs Fresh Air

Air that keeps circulating indoors for an extended amount of time will tend to pick up particles that could pose a health risk to people with respiratory issues. Furthermore, stale air can also develop an unpleasant odor. Open up your windows for a short time to let stale air out and fresh air in.

The Importance of Window Placement

Experts on affordable replacement windows will tell you that proper window placement is essential when it comes to maintaining good airflow when the windows are open. That said, you’re better off calling certified experts to help you figure out where your windows should be located instead of trying to DIY the project and hoping for the best.

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