What Is Roof Flashing and Why Is It Important?

Understanding the different parts of your roof and their functions can help you take care of your roof better. This…
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Understanding the different parts of your roof and their functions can help you take care of your roof better. This knowledge will also allow you to better communicate with your roofing contractor during your roof repair or roof replacement project. In today’s article, ARCH Exteriors LLC, the leading roofing company in our local area, explains what roof flashing is and why it is important.

What Is a Roof Flashing?

A roof flashing is a strip of material that’s bent to fit your roof and then installed in the most vulnerable areas of your roofing system. It acts as extra protection from water. Roof flashing is designed to allow the roof and walls to expand and contract because of temperature changes. It is a thin layer of waterproof material that seals the gaps in your roof and prevents water from getting into your roofing system. Roof flashing can be found around the roof penetrations, roof valleys and more.

Why Is It Important?

The importance of roof flashing cannot be overstated because it is vital to the health of a roofing system. The main purpose of your roof is to protect your home from the effects of the weather, and the most common weather your roof protects you from is rain. Modern roofs do a great job of protecting a house from rain. However, they still have weak points that are vulnerable to leaks. These weak points are the joints and the roof penetrations. As an expert in roofs and replacement windows, we always make sure that the roof flashing in those areas are in good condition.

The joints and the areas surrounding the roof penetrations have gaps where rain can get through. To prevent this from happening, roofers install flashing in these areas. Flashing is usually made from materials that are not easily penetrated by water such as aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and PVC.

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