The Roof Flashing and Its Importance

A roofing system is composed of various components that allows it to function as a protective element for your home.…
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A roofing system is composed of various components that allows it to function as a protective element for your home. You have the shingles, which is the outer layer of the roof;  the roof deck, which holds the roof up; and even the underlayment, which is a protective layer that prevents the deck from sustaining moisture damage. While these are all important parts of the roof, there is another one that is often overlooked and shouldn’t be forgotten: the roof flashing.
Here, roof installation experts from ARCH Exteriors, LLC discuss what exactly is the roof flashing and why it’s important.
What is the Roof Flashing?
As stated before, the roof flashing is another important part of your roof. Usually, the flashing is a metal strip that’s installed in the various weak points of your roof and can be made of either lead, copper, sheet metal, rubber, or plastic. Depending on what material you choose, the price of its installation and how frequently you’ll have to re-install a flashing on your roof may vary.

Why is the Flashing Important?
Since it’s installed in the weakest points of your roof such as the chimney, skylights, and dormers, it’s clear that the flashing is important for one thing and one thing only: to protect your interiors from moisture damage. This is because the weak points where the flashing is installed can be easily infiltrated by leaks when it rains. Without the flashing, moisture damage can occur for your roof, which can greatly compromise the roof’s structural integrity in the long run.
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