Qualities of Well-Designed Replacement Windows

Well-designed windows have more than just looks. There are other factors that contribute to its overall design. In this blog,…
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Well-designed windows have more than just looks. There are other factors that contribute to its overall design. In this blog, replacement window experts at ARCH Exteriors, share an overview of the qualities that you will find in well-designed replacement windows.

Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs, energy efficiency is an important design consideration and is one that that you should look for when buying replacement windows. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates 48% of an average home’s energy costs are spent on indoor heating and cooling. ENERGY STAR®-certified replacement windows can help cut down as much as 25% of your annual energy costs.

How do replacement windows accomplish this? Windows are part of what is called the energy envelope, which also includes the attic, entry doors, and exterior walls. Each of these components is insulated to prevent thermal transfer. This helps keep heat loss during cold days (and heat gain during hot days) to a minimum. Look for replacement windows with features such as double-pane glass and insulated frames, as well as the aforementioned ENERGY STAR certification.

Low Maintenance Requirements

User experience is an important part of the design. In terms of replacement windows, this includes ease of cleaning and maintenance. Not all materials are easy to clean and maintain. Wood, for instance, requires scraping and repainting every few years. Vinyl comes in molded-in colors that eliminate the need to repaint but may have a limited color selection. Certain window styles have removable, tiltable, or reach-around sashes that make them easy to clean.

Window Hardware

Window hardware is an often overlooked detail, but they’re as important to window design as the other aforementioned features. Choose the best window hardware that your window replacement budget will allow; you will be relying on them to open, close, and secure your windows. Typical window hardware is made from rolled sheet brass. Look for cast brass or bronze hardware for better performance and longer life span.

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