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Why You Should Hire Pros for Your Gutter Installation Job

Much like the installation of replacement windows, it’s best to have your gutter system installed by qualified professionals. Gutter installation may…
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Much like the installation of replacement windows, it’s best to have your gutter system installed by qualified professionals. Gutter installation may seem like an easy and straightforward job, but there are numerous pitfalls in the process that could affect the performance and expected life span of your gutter.

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In this post, ARCH Exteriors, LLC lists three gutter mistakes that are typically committed by rookie installers. Keep in mind that you can avoid these errors by hiring an experienced contractor for the job.

Using the Wrong Type of Gutter

Gutter systems are available in various styles, materials, sizes and gauges. Each specific type of gutter comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you have to weigh them carefully and ensure that a particular gutter system can meet your requirements. Choosing the wrong gutter system could mean inadequate protection for your roof, foundation and home. Make sure that your contractor is knowledgeable about different types of gutters so that they can properly advise you on what gutter system to get for your home.

Improperly Spacing the Hangers

Gutters are typically attached to the home using a mounting system or a specific type of hangers (inside, outside or strap). But apart from choosing appropriate hangers for your gutters, your gutter installer or roofing company should also make sure that the hangers are adequately spaced (three feet or less). This is to ensure your gutter system has the proper support that will prevent it from sagging when water collects in the lower areas.

Incorrectly Calculating the Pitch

Gutters may appear perfectly level. But the fact is that gutters are installed at a slight pitch to enable water to flow towards the downspouts. Generally, there is one to two inches of decline for every 40 feet of length. If your gutters are installed with the wrong pitch, water will find it difficult to flow properly to the downspouts and potentially back up the system.

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