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Why Fall Is a Great Time To Replace Your Siding

The arrival of fall signals the incoming holiday season and brings along a new climate you need to prepare for.…
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The arrival of fall signals the incoming holiday season and brings along a new climate you need to prepare for. It’s a season when moisture is high and temperatures cool down to roughly 53.9 °F in North America overall. Most homeowners in North America choose either summer or spring to have their homes renovated, but unbeknownst to many, fall is the best time to act on your home projects! As a homeowner, this season of beautiful falling leaves is optimal for home improvement, house repairs, and replacing your siding for many reasons, and here’s why!

Siding Replacement


Optimal Climate


Fall has the optimal climate and daily weather for laborious home improvement projects like siding replacement. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, making it comfortable for the contractor team to work even during the middle of afternoons. Cloudy skies during fall make the best days for installations in particular!


Preparation for Winter


Replacing your windows during fall is a smart choice as contractors lower their package deals in preparation for the incoming winter season. Not only that, but also it’s much easier to schedule your siding replacement during fall as the peak seasons for home renovations are usually during summer and spring. Your appointed schedule, which would take weeks during peak seasons, can be set and finalized in a few days.


Aside from the financial and scheduling advantages, replacing your siding before snowfall is definitely a good choice, as cracked and weathered sidings have flaws and holes in them that moisture can get into. Moisture is very abundant during fall, so when that moisture gets into the small cracks in your siding and accumulates, those cracks can widen and become deeper as the moisture pockets freeze and further destroy your siding from the inside.


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