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Replace Your Gutters When You See These Red Flags

Your gutter system is one of the main defenses of your home against water damage, so you should regularly check…
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Jacob Wadding

Your gutter system is one of the main defenses of your home against water damage, so you should regularly check on its condition and make sure it’s in tip-top shape. While there’s no specific timeframe for replacing your gutters, there are a few signs that could tell you when it’s time to hire a professional gutter contractor to replace your system.

  • Sagging, loose, or bent gutters
  • Excessive leaking and overflowing
  • Loose or missing fasteners and joints
  • Damaged or flooded landscaping near your home
  • Holes near the joints or at the bottom of the gutters
  • Splits between seams
  • Peeling paint or damaged siding
  • Broken or missing downspouts
  • Gutters pulling away from the house

The Next Steps to Follow

If the damage isn’t as extensive as you thought, gutter and roof repair should be possible. Once your gutters have been repaired, you will need to maintain them regularly to avoid clogs, ice dams, and other types of debris. If the damage is huge, your gutters may be beyond repair and need to be replaced. Rust is a major sign that tells you to replace them right away, as it will eventually expand and turn into a hole.

Investing in gutter replacement gives your system a fresh start and the protection of a warranty. If you’re tired of dealing with gutter maintenance, we can install custom gutter guards to keep debris out and keep you from regularly cleaning your gutters.

If it’s time for a new gutter system for your home, our gutter replacement experts at ARCH Exteriors is here to help. We are the most trusted gutter and residential siding experts in the region, with thousands of successful renovation projects under our belt. To schedule a free consultation with us, simply call (301) 264-7330 or fill out our contact form.

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