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How to Check a Contractor’s References

When it comes to hiring a builder or roofing contractor, it is necessary to take great care in selecting the…
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When it comes to hiring a builder or roofing contractor, it is necessary to take great care in selecting the best person for the job. You can begin by compiling a list of potential builders, contractors, and subcontractors you may want to work with. Then, request a list of references from each. Take time to check their references carefully. This process will help narrow down your possible choices and ultimately help you decide who will be the best professional for the job.

Contractor’s References

You must dig deeper if you want to uncover all you can about contractors’ character and reputation. ARCH Exteriors LLC, a trusted roofing contractor, recommends steps on how to ask a contractor’s references before hiring.

  1. Contact Their Clients

Request at least three names of persons who have completed similar projects from the contractor you are considering, and contact them. Find out what they thought of the work if the contractor was able to work within their budget, if the work was completed on schedule, and most importantly if they would hire this contractor again.

Keep in mind, however, that the contractor will only provide you with the names of satisfied clients. This is, however, a good location to begin your investigation. If you’re still not convinced, ask the contractor for their last five clients and ask them with the following questions:

  • Where did you get the contractor’s name?

  • Do you have any feedback on the contractor’s work?

  • Did you know exactly what the contractor will do?

  • How punctual was your roofer?

  • Did they immediately answer or return your calls?

  • Were they good at communicating?

  • How did the contractor handle changes?

  • Do you feel your project ran smoothly through all phases of construction?

  • Was the job finished on time?

  • Was there any downtime on the job site?

  • Did the contractor tidy up after himself?

  • Were you ever dissatisfied with the job site maintenance?

  • The contractor’s crew or subcontractors were great to deal with!

  • How much did change orders (if any) add to your project’s overall cost?

  • Were there any overcharges that you didn’t approve of?

  • Was the contractor well-liked by the other contractors and workers?

  • Are you happy with your final product?

  • Would you rehire them?

  1. Contact Their Suppliers

Inquire about their suppliers, especially those with whom they have worked for a long time. Check with the contractors’ suppliers to see sure they pay their payments on schedule. You don’t want to be responsible for any future bills. Pay attention to whatever else these vendors have to say about the contractor.

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