Window Replacement: 4 Worst Mistakes Bad Installers Make

Deciding to install new windows is a step in the right direction. However, hiring the wrong installer can be a…
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Deciding to install new windows is a step in the right direction. However, hiring the wrong installer can be a major setback.

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Paying a team of incompetent windows professionals is stressful and a waste of money. Even worse, a crucial workmanship error may not be instantly apparent. Like in roof replacement, you may only learn about it long after the installation. If your warranty doesn’t cover the blunder, then you have to spend more cash on what’s supposed to be done properly in the first place.

To give you an idea about the headaches inept window installers can give you, let’s talk about the usual mistakes only they make.

1. Miscalculating Rough Opening Dimensions

Ask any trusted window contractor about the importance of accurate measurement, and they will tell you that it’s everything.

Making a mass-produced unit fit into an existing wall opening isn’t straightforward. What’s tricky is that the rough opening requirements for windows of standard sizes aren’t universal.

2. Working With Dirty Hands

Any experienced roofer or window installer will tell you that home improvements can be messy. While there’s no avoiding dirt, slapdash work can stain surfaces permanently.

3. Failing to Adhere to the Flashing Properly

This is usually the case when an installer doesn’t remove dust, debris or moisture completely before applying tapes and membranes. Weather can also be a factor, and using the wrong material can cause the flashing to peel prematurely.

4. Using Spray Foam Excessively

A healthy amount of spray foam can seal the gaps and render a window airtight for excellent energy efficiency. Too much of it can distort the jambs, though.

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