Where Should Water Draining From Your Gutters Go?

Whether you live in an environment where you get constant rainfall or hardly any storms, your home should have a…
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Whether you live in an environment where you get constant rainfall or hardly any storms, your home should have a professional gutter system in place. Its function may be as simple as redirecting water runoff from your roof towards the downspouts, but there’s more to its design than what meets the eye. By making sure the rainwater from your roof is collected and drained properly, your gutters keep your home dry and damage-free. 

Draining From Your Gutters

But what happens when your gutters aren’t working as they should? The gutter replacement experts at ARCH Exteriors, explain below.

Where the Water Runoff Is Usually Delivered

In any type of weather event, your gutters must be ready to handle any kind of rainfall. You must also have a water delivery system in place to catch the rainwater from the gutters and drain safely towards the sewer or your garden. Drainage pits are a common type of water delivery system as they are cost-effective to build and help prevent damage to your home’s exteriors. 

If you want a system that can catch and store more rainwater, consider installing a rainwater collection system. This involves installing big underground tanks to collect rainwater and are linked to a filter and a pump so that you can easily access the water whenever it’s needed. This shouldn’t be installed on your own, so make sure to work with a trusted home exterior and roofing contractor.

What Happens If Your Gutter System Isn’t Working Properly?

It’s usually easy to notice if your gutters aren’t draining water as well as they should. If you see leaks coming out of the gutter seams, they can be fixed with the right hardware. However, other issues causing them to work improperly can range from excess clogs to insufficient downspouts. If left unaddressed, they can cause your garden and landscaping to erode and flood, especially if crucial gutter accessories such as downspout extensions and splash blocks aren’t installed. Such issues will need professional attention to protect your home’s exteriors and outdoor areas.

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