What You Need to Know About a Typical Roofing Estimate

It makes sense to hire a roofing contractor, especially if your roof is already nearing the end of its lifespan and…
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It makes sense to hire a roofing contractor, especially if your roof is already nearing the end of its lifespan and requires immediate replacement. With so many of them in your vicinity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the right one for your needs. To narrow down your search, you need to learn about the qualifications and certifications of each prospect. It also pays to obtain estimates from them for you to evaluate and assess before making your final choice.

Roofing Estimate

Here’s what you need to know in a typical roofing estimate.

Information on Materials and Labor

Expect some contractors on your shortlist to present a flat rate on a piece of paper. This, unfortunately, isn’t a true estimate. An ideal roofing quote should contain estimates of the cost of both materials and labor.

  • Roofing Materials and Components – There should be a list of all the materials and components that will be used for the project, from the asphalt shingles and underlayment to ventilation and flashing. Each should indicate the brand and other specifications such as size, thickness, dimensions and quantities.
  • Labor – The document should also mention the costs for the tear-off and disposal of the old roofing materials and the actual installation. The number of installers who’ll take part in the roof replacement project and the start and end dates should also be indicated.

The Actual Roofing Cost

A reputable roofing contractor will provide an accurate representation of the project costs. However, something unexpected may likely come up as the roofers are doing work, like evidence of rot or mold on your decking after removing the old shingles and underlayment.

Make sure both of you are on the same page regarding the project’s scope and budget before you sign the agreement. If necessary, ask for a revised version of the estimate. Agree that unexpected project expenses will be put in writing to ensure everything remains within budget.

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