What Factors Determine Window Replacement Cost?

Professional window replacement usually comes with significant costs, especially if you are planning to change multiple windows in your home.…
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Professional window replacement usually comes with significant costs, especially if you are planning to change multiple windows in your home. But the number of windows is just one of the many factors that determine the cost of a window replacement project.

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In this post, home siding replacement company and window specialist ARCH Exteriors, LLC discusses the other variables that can affect your window replacement costs.

Window Style

There are different types of windows that you can choose from. Typically, windows vary in size, shape and style. That’s why some windows are more expensive while others are more affordable. For example, you can expect double-hung or casement windows to be cheaper than bay and bow windows, which are usually made up of several smaller windows.

Frame Material

Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are just some of the most popular window frame materials. Wood is usually more expensive at the outset and in the long run since it requires a higher level of maintenance. Fiberglass and vinyl, on the other hand, are cost-effective options since they can last for several years with minimal upkeep.

Vinyl is also commonly used in siding. And since this material has proven to be durable and low-maintenance, it’s common for a siding contractor to include this in their recommendations.


A window with two or three panes of glass understandably costs more than a window with a single pane. But since double- and triple-pane windows have better energy efficiency than single-pane windows, it has become uncommon for homeowners to choose single-pane windows. Take note that triple-pane windows may not necessarily be more energy-efficient than double-pane windows. That said, consult window professionals to know the type of glass that best suits your local climate. 

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