The Telltale Signs that You Need New Siding

Getting new siding for your home can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not replacing your siding…
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Getting new siding for your home can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not replacing your siding too early. On the other hand, replacing your sliding too late can put other parts of your home at risk. As the leading siding contractor in the area, we’re here to talk about the signs that say it’s high time to get new siding. 


Gaps Between Panels

The siding is supposed to form a waterproof barrier to protect your home’s interior walls from moisture damage. If there are way too many gaps between the siding panels, your siding won’t be able to function effectively. Realigning and covering those gaps is too expensive to be practical so you might as well just get brand new siding.

Multiple Cracks and Holes

Just like with misaligned panels, cracks and holes create weak points in the siding’s waterproof layer. To make things even worse, cracks and holes can have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. According to siding and roof repair experts, minor signs of damage can be fixed by replacing a few panels while severe cases will warrant a total replacement.

Bubbles or Blisters

Bubbles or blisters on the surface are commonly found in painted wood, metal, and vinyl siding. These blemishes are often an indication that water has penetrated the surface of the siding. Because these panels are no longer as waterproof as before, they should be replaced to reduce the risk of moisture-related problems in the future.

Outdated Look

Getting new siding doesn’t always have to be based on its performance. If the siding looks outdated (usually when you get a new roof or windows), it could ruin the rest of the home’s curb appeal. You should consider hiring a home siding replacement to update your home’s exterior wall.

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