The Perks of Replacing Your Entry Door in the Winter

An entry door replacement project is a task that no homeowner should take lightly. After all, it is a worthy…
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An entry door replacement project is a task that no homeowner should take lightly. After all, it is a worthy investment for any home and as such, it should be carefully thought out. When it comes to planning for such a project, homeowners have often heard that they shouldn’t get it done during the winter season. In reality, however, there are actually a few benefits to replacing your door in the winter.

In this post, trusted door and roofing contractor ARCH Exteriors, LLC reveals what the perks are when replacing an entry door during the winter season.

Large Savings
Having your door replaced during the winter season can net you large savings from the project. This is because during this time of the year, not a lot of homeowners are having their doors replaced, which means the company will be offering discounts to drum up business and get rid of their current inventory in order to make way for the next batch. Apart from that, this also puts you in a better position when negotiating for labor costs.
Problems are Easier to Detect
Apart from the large savings, another perk of replacing your door in the winter is that your door and roof replacement expert will be able to detect the issues much easier. For instance, if your door has air leaks, the winter season can help you detect this easier when you feel the cold outdoor air as you pass by.
Convenient Scheduling
Oftentimes, when you have your door replaced on any other season, contractors will schedule you at the date that’s most convenient for them as they likely have other jobs to handle. Unfortunately, what’s convenient for them may not always be convenient for you, which in turn can lead to scheduling conflicts. By having your door replaced in the winter, you can easily bypass this dilemma as the slow season can leave them free to cater to your needs whenever you need them to.
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