The Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding vinyl replacement windows and it’s the reason a lot of homeowners are undecided about…
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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding vinyl replacement windows and it’s the reason a lot of homeowners are undecided about choosing this versatile material. Some of these myths are actually based on some truths. As a framing material, vinyl had a very rocky start. Early versions weren’t as tough as metal or as aesthetically pleasing as traditional wooden frames.

Today, vinyl has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Modern vinyl windows no longer bear the same weaknesses and shortcomings of their predecessors. Let our remodeling experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC give you a brief rundown of a few interesting facts about vinyl windows and their benefits.

Low Overall Cost

Vinyl frames were designed to be affordable replacement windows at a time when wood was considered the best of the best. Wood, of course, was costly and had high maintenance requirements which turned off many homeowners. Today, vinyl windows are easily manufactured and a breeze to install. Additionally, they also require less care than wooden windows, which needed frequent repainting to maintain its appeal.

High Strength and Durability

While vinyl windows are still far from indestructible, they are stronger than many comparable frame materials. This is evidenced by their low maintenance needs and long life spans. Vinyl is also resistant to almost all the common problems that other windows fall victim to such as warping, chipping and deterioration.

Energy Efficiency

You don’t have to work at a professional replacement window and roofing company to understand that vinyl has excellent insulating properties. The material has long been a leader in insulation as siding for residential buildings and this feature is carried over to its usage in windows. This means you can expect lower energy costs overall simply by choosing vinyl windows.

At ARCH Exteriors, LLC, we offer high-performance vinyl replacement windows and more. Give us a call at (877) 214-2831 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation and request a free estimate on vinyl windows today.

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