Roof Flashing Failure: Why It Happens and How It Can Be Prevented

Your home’s flashing is a material that’s used to direct precipitation such as rainwater away from the roof and into…
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Your home’s flashing is a material that’s used to direct precipitation such as rainwater away from the roof and into your gutters. It protects certain areas of your roof that are prone to leaks, such as the valleys where two slopes meet. Damaged flashing allows leaks to penetrate your roof and cause damage to its inner structure. As a trusted company for replacement windows and roofing, ARCH Exteriors, share their insight.

roof flashing failure

Why Flashing Failure Can Damage Your Home

Roof flashing that’s properly installed works with gravity to help channel precipitation onto the gutters and downspouts. This would be ideal, but some factors such as poor installation and climate can affect the integrity of your flashing. This can lead to certain types of damage, such as:

  • Wrinkled Flashing – If your flashing has wrinkles in it, then this is the result of your local climate. The extreme temperature in the local area causes extreme warping through contraction and expansion of roofing materials. This warps the metal and creates a wrinkled effect, and with its length shortened, it exposes parts of the roof that would otherwise be covered. 
  • Loose Flashing – If you’re already seeing this on your roof, you might assume that it’s due to poor installation. While this may be the case for some inexperienced roofers, it may actually be the result of foundation problems. When your home tends to settle, it can cause the flashing to become loose. These are most visible around the chimney of your home; if you see flashing pulling away, then you might need to have your foundations checked by a trusted roofing company.

Preventing Flashing Failure 

Repairing damaged flashing is something that should never be done as a DIY project since working on the roof can be dangerous without taking the right precautions. As such, it’s better to leave the repair and replacement job to trusted professionals so you can be sure that your flashing is repaired or replaced properly.

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