Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Roof Replacement Project

Planning a roof replacement project is no small feat for any homeowner. After all, there are a lot of factors…
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Planning a roof replacement project is no small feat for any homeowner. After all, there are a lot of factors to consider when doing so, such as the budget, materials needed and who’ll be doing the work to install your new roof. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to be overwhelmed by the planning process that they tend to make certain mistakes that can cost them a lot in the long run.

Here, the professionals of ARCH Exteriors LLC discuss the mistakes you should always avoid when planning your roofing project, starting with:

Not Knowing Your Roofer

Before hiring a roofing contractor, make sure to conduct the proper research and background checks. By doing so, you can learn the reputation and experience of your prospective professional and avoid scammers and less reputable contractors in the process.

Price over Quality

It can be tempting to skimp out on quality for a less costly alternative when it comes to picking a new roof. Unfortunately, this is something that homeowners should never do as you might wind up with a shoddy or sub-par roof. If this happens, you can wind up spending more than you’re prepared to if your mediocre roof fails earlier than expected and affects the entire structural integrity of your home.

Skipping the Written Estimate

Not getting a written estimate is a mistake that you have to avoid at all cost. When your contractor comes to your home to give the property a look over and gives an estimate of how much it’ll cost to replace your roof, be sure to get it in writing. That way, you’ll have proof and they won’t be able to bloat the cost of the project later on, allowing you to safeguard your budget.

Failing to Sign a Contract

The rule of thumb that homeowners should always follow when it comes to planning a roofing project is that you should always sign a contract. This is because it’s a binding document that ensures your contractor will have a legal obligation and commitment to you, helping you avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings. That way, if any ever occur or you’re displeased with the outcome of the project, you’ll have something that can stand up in the court of law.
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