Making the Most of Daylighting Using Windows

Natural light has always been an important element in home design. In fact, good access to natural light can instantly…
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Natural light has always been an important element in home design. In fact, good access to natural light can instantly make any room warm and inviting, while helping keep it naturally warm and comfortable during the cold season. But to ensure proper daylighting for your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your windows effectively. Here’s how you can make the most of daylight through windows.

daylighting through windows
  • Choose larger windows. The bigger the windows, the more natural light streams into your home. But this also has a drawback–larger windows also run the risk of unwanted solar heat gain in the summer. You can mitigate this by using windows and curtains, but this also means they’ll be obstructing your view of the outdoors. The best option is to choose windows with Low-E (low-emissivity) glass. 

    ARCH Exteriors offers a wide selection of high-quality replacement windows from ProVia®. These come with advanced Low-E glass coating that reduces heat transmission to your home via the windows, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment–but without sacrificing your access to natural light or hampering your outdoor views. 
  • Window placement is important for daylighting. Depending on your specific daylighting needs for a given room, you’ll need to place your windows on the right wall. For example, if you want a space (like the kitchen or crafts room) to have bright, direct sunlight, have windows installed on the south wall. This has the added bonus of solar heat gain during the winter. In spaces (like the bedroom) where soft, even lighting is needed, the windows should be placed on the north wall. 

ARCH Exteriors is a trusted window installer in Maryland you can count on for the highest quality service. With our exceptional replacement windows, we’ll make sure your home can benefit greatly from effective daylighting. Call us today at (877) 214-2831 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We proudly serve the areas in and around Ijamsville, MD. We’d love to hear from you! 

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