Key Advantages of Steel Doors

There are many types of entry doors on the market today. One option that stands out is steel entry doors.…
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There are many types of entry doors on the market today. One option that stands out is steel entry doors. In today’s post, door installation experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC share the advantages of choosing a steel entry door for your home.

Steel Doors Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The entry door is one of the house’s main focal points and is in fact a casual observer from the curb. Therefore, when choosing an entry door, you need one that allows much flexibility in terms of customization. Steel doors certainly fit the bill. You can choose from a clean and sleek look for a contemporary style home, or a traditional wood-paneled look, complete with authentic-looking wood grain. Steel entry doors are also compatible with virtually any type of coating, including long-lasting colors and finishes.

Steel Doors Are Exceptionally Durable

Steel doors need to provide security, protect your home from the elements and withstand daily wear and tear. As one of the strongest materials available, steel is more than up to the task. A standard steel entry door is made from 20-gauge steel, which gives it structural integrity. It won’t warp or crack and can withstand impact from windblown debris. Door and roof repair contractors like us recommend steel doors for homes that happen to be located in storm or hurricane-prone areas.

Steel Doors Are Energy-Efficient

As part of your home’s exterior, the right kind of entry doors can improve your home’s energy efficiency. An energy-efficient entry door needs to have sufficient insulation to prevent the thermal transfer, proper seals between sash and frame and structural integrity to prevent leaks. It helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduce indoor heating and cooling requirements, ultimately resulting in energy savings.

Steel entry doors can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency. A standard steel entry door features an insulated core and chambered components that, similar to insulated window glass, slow down heat conduction that would otherwise result in higher energy consumption by your home’s HVAC system.

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