How To Spot and Avoid So-Called Storm Chasers

Storms can bring more than just damage to your home. Too often, they also bring opportunistic contractors that exploit homeowners…
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Storms can bring more than just damage to your home. Too often, they also bring opportunistic contractors that exploit homeowners when they are at their most vulnerable. These disreputable companies are called “storm chasers”. They appear in your neighborhood after a severe weather event and offer repair services that are often cheaper than what a local storm damage roofing contractor would offer.

Storm Chasers

How To Spot Storm Chasers

As mentioned above, storm chasers have a knack for appearing in a neighborhood after it gets ravaged by a severe storm. They show up knowing that trusted local contractors probably have their hands full with the sudden influx of repair jobs and attract the business of homeowners by promising to do work quickly and for cheap, often at the expense of quality. 

The best way to avoid storm chasers is by asking simple questions like where is your company located? Make sure that they have a local address so that they can easily be contacted should any problems arise after a roof repair or roof replacement

Storm chasers often do shoddy work on purpose to save on costs and by the time you notice it, they are long gone and are off to the next area where a storm has occurred, thus the term. 

Also, be wary of other red flags such as high-pressure sales tactics and lack of warranties or guarantees. For something as important as your roof, it is always best to contact a local company. Should any issues become apparent, you will want to have a roofer who is easy to access. 

When it comes to emergency roof repair or replacements, there is no substitute for a trusted local roofing company. If you are a home or business owner in Virginia and Maryland, then be sure to give ARCH Exteriors, LLC a call at  (301) 264-7330. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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