How to Handle Storm-Damaged Siding

Strong winds and storms are inevitable weather events that you should always be ready for. This phenomenon can take a…
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Strong winds and storms are inevitable weather events that you should always be ready for. This phenomenon can take a toll on different parts of your home, most especially, your siding. This is because your siding takes up a huge chunk of your home’s exterior, thus, rendering it exposed to the elements. As such, you want it to address any siding issues so that it can return to great condition. 


In this post, your trusted home siding replacement company, ARCH Exteriors, shares how you can deal with a storm-damaged siding.

Look for Replacement Materials

When strong winds and storms pass through your area, chances are that your siding has sustained a considerable amount of damage. As such, you’ll need to source out replacement materials that are similar or better than your current siding system. However, this can prove difficult if the manufacturer no longer sells the product, or if they’re no longer in business. If this is the case, you’ll need to find suitable alternatives.

Read Your Coverage

If you possess an insurance policy, don’t assume that you’re covered for all kinds of damage. Similar to roof repair projects, you need to understand what kind of damage is covered by reading your insurance policy closely. Understanding your policy helps you prepare for extra costs you may encounter that are not included in their stipulations.

Making a Claim

Before you file your insurance claim, make sure that you approach a certified siding contractor like ARCH Exteriors to create an estimate for you. This helps you gain peace of mind by seeing if our estimates match those made by your adjuster. We can make these estimates possible since we use the same software to calculate the cost of the damage. Additionally, contact your insurance agent directly, and not the company when filing a claim. Filing a claim repeatedly can result in your provider dropping you.

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