How Can the Right Roof System Help Reduce Hailstorm Damage?

Hailstorm damage has been known to cause insurance claim disputes, which is why it only makes sense to invest in…
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Hailstorm damage has been known to cause insurance claim disputes, which is why it only makes sense to invest in a durable roofing system. In today’s post, local roofing contractor ARCH Exteriors, LLC discusses how a durable roofing system is your best line of defense against dealing with hailstorm damage.

Why Invest In a Durable Roofing System?

There currently is no building code that specifies standard roofing materials for areas that are often hit by hailstorms. The burden of choosing the right roofing system is left to the homeowner and their roofing contractor. Hail damage can take as much as 10 years off a standard asphalt shingle roof’s life span. In this sense, a durable roofing system can be considered as a true investment, as it can save you not just the cost of roof repair, but also the time and effort needed to do so.

Perhaps the most common problem associated with hailstorm damage is that it’s mistaken for asphalt shingle blisters, often by inexperienced insurance inspectors. Both may look alike but are actually very different. Blisters are caused by expanding moisture that’s trapped in the asphalt layer and is a factory defect that’s usually covered by manufacturer warranty. Insurance providers consider it a cosmetic defect, and usually would not provide coverage. Hailstorm damage, on the other hand, can significantly impair a roof’s performance.

Characteristics of Durable Roofing Systems

If your roof is up for replacement, ask your local roofer about impact-resistant options. Look for roofing systems that are rated in UL 2218 or FM 4473, which are standards for testing roof impact resistance. A Class 3 or 4 roofing system tested under these conditions are expected to withstand the kind of impact caused by hailstones.

It’s easy to dismiss asphalt shingles as unsuitable for this purpose, but that’s because standard asphalt shingle products are not rated for impact resistance—think of it as a “general purpose” type of product. Roofing manufacturers such as Owens Corning® offer asphalt shingle roofing systems that are rated for impact resistance. The upfront costs may be higher than standard roofing systems, but impact-resistant roofs are nevertheless worth investing in when you consider the savings and peace of mind over the long run. You will also be less likely to deal with insurance disputes.

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