Faulty Downspouts: What Went Wrong?

In water drainage, downspouts play a critical role. When they malfunction, they can be just as problematic as faulty gutters,…
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In water drainage, downspouts play a critical role. When they malfunction, they can be just as problematic as faulty gutters, if not more.

downspout problems

But the bigger issue is that downspout defects can be difficult to detect. Actually, many of them are mistaken for gutter headaches.

Much like the need to buy affordable replacement windows, the necessity for a downspout repair or upgrade isn’t always apparent. Ineffective units can go unnoticed for a time and begin to grab attention only when they already affect the entire gutter system.

To diagnose a downspout problem, let’s talk about the usual issues and what constitutes each.


Overflowing gutters could be due to some blockage inside a downspout. The flow of water can sweep most pieces of debris, but the large ones can get stuck and obstruct the passage.

If this is the case, you have to address it sooner rather than later. Procrastination can lead to costly water damage, compelling you to restore siding, renovate your basement, or buy replacement windows.

Improper Size

Downspouts that are prone to clogging likely have narrow openings. Size, or the lack thereof, is a probable culprit if debris usually can’t find its way to the ground as easily as it should.

Insufficient Length

Good downspouts should be able to safely direct water away from your house and straight to the sewers. If you keep seeing ponds in your yard after rain, your gutter companions are probably too short.

Inadequate Quantity

It should go without saying that having too few downspouts to accommodate anticipated runoff can cause gutters to overflow widely. It’s hard to determine the exact number, but a reputable gutter and roofing company can offer a reliable recommendation after a thorough inspection.

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