Fall Window Cleaning: Things to Remember

As fall arrives, it is important to welcome the incoming season with a freshly maintained window. Viewing the beauty of…
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As fall arrives, it is important to welcome the incoming season with a freshly maintained window. Viewing the beauty of fall through a foggy and murky window is not an enjoyable experience, so making sure that it is clean for you and everyone to see is a rewarding decision. Unsure of what to prepare for your fall window cleaning? The professional window installation team at ARCH Exteriors, LLC is here to remind you!

Window Cleaning


Schedule Smart


Observe the weather patterns and make a habit of learning incoming weather conditions through the news or the web. Schedule your cleaning on a day with the best possible climate and weather. Remove any curtains or any other drapery around your windows first, along with any accessories that can cause obstructions during the cleaning process. Clear out the area around the window as well, so you can move comfortably knowing that your belongings are safely placed away from your working environment. Keep in mind that windows cleaned on a cloudy morning are clearer and shinier, as the heat of sunlight during the afternoon heats the glass on your windows, leaving specks and streaks on the surface after you spray your cleaning fluids on them.


Ready Your Supplies


Temperatures can drop down to cooler temperatures overall during fall, so it is advised to prepare supplies that match the cool climate. Using cleaning materials that are sensitive to chilly temperatures may prove to be a problem (especially liquid cleaning products). Remember to wear a mask, as there are more allergens and foreign contaminants in the air during fall due to the decaying piles of organic matter around homes and trees. Just like in performing roof replacement, wear the proper working apparel. Choose clothing and protective gear that is comfortable to move in and is good for protecting yourself from the cold weather and contaminants.


Cleaning Equipment Tips


Before you begin cleaning your w
, here are some cleaning equipment tips we’d like for you to



Use a Microfiber Cloth


Getting a microfiber cloth is optimal for cleaning tasks like these, as they’re more durable than normal cleaning rags and perform much better in wiping stuff off of surfaces. The weave used in a microfiber cloth is primarily made up of polyester, combined with a small amount of polyamide (like nylon or Kevlar). This composition helps attract and absorb contaminants off of the surfaces you’re wiping on.


 Soft Bristle Brushes


Hard bristled brushes tend to damage glass. They leave hairline scratches that are visible to the naked eye as you get closer or when sunlight shines through the panes of glass. Soft-bristled brushes are gentle, evenly cleaning off surfaces (especially delicate ones) like glass and other luminous or glossy surfaces.


Residue-Free Glass Cleaners


These glass cleaning products are best for clear surfaces, as normal cleaners have soaps, scents and dyes in them that leave residues. These residues form streaks and specks that attract grime and dust onto the surface, creating an unappealing, opaque appearance.


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