Determining Factors in Asphalt-Shingle Longevity

The average life span of asphalt shingles is about 20 years. Some last longer while others retire earlier. So, what…
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The average life span of asphalt shingles is about 20 years. Some last longer while others retire earlier. So, what decides asphalt-shingle longevity? As follows are the key factors at play.

Determining Factors in Asphalt-Shingle Longevity


The perennial weather in the area where the roof is located impacts shingle life the most. Places with milder weather are kinder to asphalt shingles than those where frigid and hot temperatures are the norm.


Any trusted roofing company will tell you that the farther the shingles are from the ground, the faster their deterioration usually is. That’s because they get more ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Roof Orientation

Roof planes facing the south tend to experience thermal cycling and receive greater exposure to UV rays.


Pitched roofs generally outlast their flatter counterparts. A higher degree of roof slope increases water drainage efficiency and helps reduce direct UV light exposure.

Shingle Quality

Like high-quality replacement windows, asphalt shingles made with innovative tech can withstand the elements better.

That’s why the best products on the market typically come with robust warranty protection. The manufacturers behind them are confident enough to cover them expansively because they’re less likely to sustain damage under normal circumstances.


Quality product means nothing when the installation is subpar. Always hire a qualified roofer to minimize the chances of workmanship errors.

Attic Ventilation

The inability of the attic to cool itself can shorten the life of an asphalt-shingle roof above it. High temperature and moisture-loaded air can accelerate the roof aging process.


Taking upkeep seriously is critical to the longevity of a roof. As with affordable replacement windows, a practical roof could outlive a neighboring premium type by years with regular professional inspection and timely repairs.

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