Choosing a Window Style For Every Room in Your Home

Before undertaking a window replacement project, you first need to consider a lot of things: What material should you use?…
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Before undertaking a window replacement project, you first need to consider a lot of things: What material should you use? How much should you set aside? Which contractor should you hire? In addition, be sure to plan which window styles would best suit the specific rooms in your home. After all, not all windows are created equal. What works for your living room may not be ideal for the kitchen.

ARCH Exteriors, the leading window installation company in the region, is here to help you with the selection process.

Window Style

Picture Windows for the Living Room

As it is often one of the largest rooms in the house, it makes sense to choose the largest windows. If you’re looking for a window replacement for this particular room, floor-to-ceiling picture windows are the way to go. Aside from letting more sunlight in and making your room look spacious, these windows are perfect for capturing outdoor views without obstruction.

Double-Hung Windows for the Kitchen

Want to let fresh breezes into the kitchen without opening your window all the way? Double-hung replacement windows should be on top of your list. They have a charming traditional style that could boost the beauty of your space, and they require very little maintenance to remain stylish.

Casement Windows for the Bedroom

Casement windows make a great option for the bedroom mainly because of their classic and practical style. This window style provides your room with added ventilation, letting in some air into space. Casement windows also exude a traditional aesthetic that suits even a modern room design. As with double-hung, they require minimal maintenance.

Choosing new windows for your home requires a great deal of thought, and it’s something we’re happy to help you with. ARCH Exteriors offers quality yet affordable replacement windows that could make your home stand out. If you want to schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (301) 264-7330 or fill out our contact form.

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