Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Doors

When it comes to installing patio doors, it pays to trust a professional to finish the job. Patio doors offer a…
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When it comes to installing patio doors, it pays to trust a professional to finish the job. Patio doors offer a great way to open up your living area to the spacious outdoors and can be a great point of interest in any home.

While they might seem like a straightforward addition to your exterior remodel, there are still quite a few things many homeowners misunderstand about this specific type of door. Let our experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC answer some of the most frequently asked questions about patio doors below.

Why Choose Hinged Patio Doors?

Hinged doors and replacement windows often look better than any other style. However, aside from aesthetics, most people choose hinged patio doors as they are able to open wider than a sliding door. This allows more movement when it’s necessary such as when there is a large party or when taking large pieces of furniture in or out of your home.

Why Choose Sliding Patio Doors?

On the other hand, the advantages of a sliding door is all about saving space. In homes where floor area comes at a premium, a sliding door can provide your home with unencumbered opening and closing ability. This means you can place furniture closer to the doors without worrying about any clearance requirements.

Can You Convert a Hinged Patio Door Into a Sliding Door?

If you’re looking for affordable replacement windows and doors, then a conversion might be a good option for you but this will depend on the services offered by your contractor. The quick answer is that you can convert from one style to another without necessarily having to replace the door entirely.

Find a patio door that is 100% right for your home with the help of our experts at ARCH Exteriors, LLC, your trusted exterior remodeling contractor. Give us a call at (877) 214-2831 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate on patio door replacements today.

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