5 Storm Damage Myths You Should Never Believe

Storm damage is one of the major issues your roofing system will face. If the system sustains enough damage after…
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Storm damage is one of the major issues your roofing system will face. If the system sustains enough damage after a particularly bad storm passes your area, you may need to get a roofing contractor to have it replaced or repaired. Surprisingly enough, however, some homeowners avoid having their roofs repaired or examined due to a few myths and misconceptions about storm damage.

In this article, ARCH Exteriors LLC lists down the five storm damage myths that homeowners need to stop believing, beginning with:

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  1. I Don’t See Missing Shingles so the Roof isn’t Damaged – This notion is a pure misconception and one that homeowners should avoid believing. Just because there aren’t any missing shingles or visible damage, it doesn’t mean your roof isn’t storm damaged. The storm might have caused some underlying issues that can’t be seen by the naked eye so make sure to have a professional examine your roof after severe weather hits your area.

  1. There’s Little Damage so I Don’t Need to File a Claim – Any damage that your roof sustains during a storm, no matter how small, is grounds for a legitimate claim. Otherwise, undetected storm damage can cause your roof to leak in the near future. If you’re unsure how to file a claim, you can always count on Arch Exteriors LLC for assistance.

  1. My Roof is New so the Manufacturer Will Cover the Damage – This notion is a complete myth as most roofing companies and manufacturers name hail and storm damage conditions that void in your warranty. This means that any roof replacement or repairs that may need to be done will have to come out of your own pocket.

  1. If I Don’t File a Claim, My Premiums Won’t Increase – Whether or not you file a claim, insurance companies have the power to raise everyone’s rates after a large storm. In fact, the truth is that if you don’t file a claim, your personal rate increase will be paying for everyone else’s roofing claims except yours.

  1. If I File a Claim, My Providers Will Cancel My Policy – Contrary to what you may believe, insurance companies do not have the power to cancel your policy if you’re paying your premiums on time. In fact, canceling your policy just because you filed a legitimate claim after a storm is actually illegal.

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