3 Things You Should Do if a Tree Falls on Your Roof

Severe weather events are a natural part of life–there’s simply no avoiding them. While we can depend on our trusty…
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Severe weather events are a natural part of life–there’s simply no avoiding them. While we can depend on our trusty roofs to shelter us from the worst part of a storm, sometimes, a storm can get so severe that it can easily topple a nearby tree. If a tree happens to land on your roof (or any part of your property, for that matter), here are three things you should do immediately before calling a local roofer contractor like ARCH Exteriors.

Roof Damage

1. Check for Injuries

Safety should always be your first priority. Be sure to check each person in your household for any injuries. If anyone appears to be hurt, call for an ambulance right away.

2. Check The Electrical Lines

Once you’re sure that everyone is safe, you should immediately check to see if the tree struck any power lines, electrical equipment, or transformers coming down. If it has, be sure to call your power company immediately.

3. Assess and Document the Damage

Once the threat of electrical shock is eliminated, do your best to document any damage caused by the fall from a safe distance. Your emergency roofing contractor may not be able to respond right away if the storm is ongoing, so make use of this time to take as many photos as you can. 

Be sure to take plenty of photographs of the tree itself, damage to the interior and exterior of your home, and anything else that may have been harmed on the way down. This will be a huge help later on when you file for an insurance claim.

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