3 Problems Areas of Your Roof You Need to Be Aware Of

The roof above your head protects your home and your family from the elements. Regular maintenance through routine inspections and…
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The roof above your head protects your home and your family from the elements. Regular maintenance through routine inspections and immediate repairs is of the utmost importance to make sure it is in good shape for the entirety of its life span.

By checking your roof’s problem areas, you can get ahead of issues that may compromise its performance and structural integrity. The roofing experts from ARCH Exteriors discuss each one of them below.

Asphalt Shingles

Affordable and durable, asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material choice for many homeowners. While they offer a great deal of protection, they often tell you if there is something wrong with your roofing system. Shingles that are broken, missing, curling, cupping, or losing their outer granular layers are indicators of wear and tear. If not addressed properly, water infiltration can occur, leading to water damage and rot.


These components are installed on and around valleys, vents, dormers, or any other area of the roof where the actual covering stops or is interrupted. They help seal voids where water can seep through and cause leaks. Over time, however, they can become rusty or worn out because of the elements. Turn to your local roof repair pros if you notice any signs of deterioration on your roof’s flashings.


The fascia is the roof’s horizontal band that runs along the roofline. Often made of wood or metal, it helps improve your home’s curb appeal while protecting your home’s interior from weather damage. It is vulnerable to moisture damage, however, especially when it rains. Be on the lookout for signs of rot or damage on your fascia whenever you perform visual roof inspections.

As the leading roofing and home siding replacement company, ARCH Exteriors, LLC works hard to provide you with the best quality products and services. For more than a decade, our team has been trusted by local homeowners for all things roofing. Expect us to come prepared and equipped to identify problems in your roof’s trouble areas and recommend the best solutions based on our inspections.

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