3 Common Sliding Patio Door Issues

Sliding patio doors remain a mainstay in most American homes due to their sleek looks and functionality. But just like…
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Sliding patio doors remain a mainstay in most American homes due to their sleek looks and functionality. But just like any part of your home, they can show signs of wear and tear after constant use. In today’s post, your trusted door and siding contractor, ARCH Exteriors, share three common sliding door issues and how you can address them. 

Sliding Patio Door
  1. Difficult Operation. Do you notice that it’s harder for you to slide your patio doors open and close? If it seems like they always get stuck, debris might be the issue to blame. Dirt, rocks, fur, and other debris can accumulate on the tracks, making your patio door more difficult to operate. This can be solved by inspecting your rollers and tracks, and clearing the debris afterward. It also helps if you can apply a fair amount of lubricant as well.
  1. Alignment Issues. If you find out that your door is still difficult to operate, chances are that the patio door is misaligned. This usually happens over the lifespan of the product as it’s being used. However, we strongly advise you not to take out your door on your own, and leave it to your door and roof repair pros to handle it to avoid any untoward damage.
  1. Broken Glass. The glass of your patio door can break due to various reasons. From debris, to strong wind, to accidents. As long as your frame is intact and in great condition, you don’t have to replace the entire unit, but only the broken glass. We recommend leaving this to your door contractor so that the glass fits snug onto your door and that it’s installed correctly.

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