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5 Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters offer advantages that solve common problems inherent to their traditional sectional counterparts. In this blog, the gutter installation…
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Seamless gutters offer advantages that solve common problems inherent to their traditional sectional counterparts. In this blog, the gutter installation team ARCH Exteriors, LLC counts down the advantages of investing in seamless gutters.

1. Custom Fit — Unlike traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters are built to match the roof edge’s dimensions. In addition to its aesthetically appealing clean look, custom gutters eliminate the possibility of mistakes such as wrong gutter sizes or profiles. You can rest easy knowing that your new gutters will be exactly as was planned.

2. Fewer Clogs — Gutter seams can also trap dirt and debris that could clog the gutters. Twigs and pine needles can get stuck between seams that facilitate buildup of detritus, something that doesn’t happen on seamless gutters. You can further prevent clogged gutters with a gutter protection system.

3. Low Maintenance — Gutter leaks typically occur at the seams and joints, as caulk and fasteners succumb to wear and tear. Therefore, the fewer the seams, the lower the maintenance requirements will be. Seamless gutters are shaped on-site to match the roof edge, which means the only parts that will require any type of sealant are the joints at the end of the roof. Seamless gutters often require less frequent maintenance, which will save you time setting up maintenance appointments with your local roofer or gutter contractor.

4. Fewer Chances of Corrosion — Seamless gutters are less likely to form rust spots, thanks to its increased efficiency. Standard seamless gutters, made from galvanized steel, come with factory coating. This makes seamless gutters more durable than those that require paint after installation. You can also choose naturally corrosion-proof metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

5. Longer Life Span — All of the above features ultimately contribute to a long and relatively maintenance-free life. When you consider its long life span—along with the savings in maintenance, cleaning, and repair costs—against its upfront cost, the savings over time make seamless gutters a worthy investment.

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